If you live in Southwest Philadelphia and are searching for the best locksmith team, you’re on the right page.

We help our customers open car doors, apartment or house doors, office doors, even safe. We can easily help you in all emergency lockout situations. Our team consists of Locksmith keys engineer, office door specialist, safe specialists, car lock specialists, house door locks specialists, key engineer and emergency operators. Our operators are always happy to give you recommendations and estimates over the phone.

Here are common locksmith services Uno Locksmith offers in Philadelphia, including Southwest Philadelphia and surrounding areas:

Car locksmith: our car lock specialists are best in rekeying, car key replacement, duplicating car keys or just opening car doors.

Residential / Home, Philadelphia: Philadelphia locksmith company-Uno Locksmith door specialists will open your house or apartment doors without damaging it, will cut you a new key, give you recommendations which lock is better to buy and how not to get in trouble again.

Commercial locksmith: if you need new locks for your office or business premises in Southwest Philadelphia – Uno Locksmith is happy to serve you. We offer lock replacement, key replacement, making spare keys, and help you choose new locks. We offer full commercial lockout services for all properties starting from the office front door to safe boxes.

Safe locksmith: do you need a new safe?  – call us and we will install it. Do you have trouble with opening safe? Lost safe key? Forgot combination code? Our safe specialists will help you with all kinds of safe lockout situations.

Emergency locksmith services: no need to panic, if you find yourself locked out of your car, office, or house. Can’t you open a safe, mailbox, garage and you find it’s an emergency situation? When we say fast, we mean it. Call us and our emergency team will be there.

Car key replacement

Automotive locksmith services are one of the most popular in Philadelphia. Our Professional car locksmith team helps you open car doors, even if you’ve lost the key and have no spare one. Car lock specialists will solve your problem ASAP with no damage to your vehicle and give you recommendations on how to not get into a lockout situation again.

There are many different types of keys on the market right now: regular metal keys, vat system keys, transponder keys(with programmable chips inside), remote head keys, fob keys, high security push to start key fobs, flip out keys, twist ignition keys. Accordingly there are special machines available for cutting and programming those keys. Usually locksmith Philadelphia obtains cutting and programming codes for making new keys for customers.

Regular metal keys (no programming chip available) – for such keys locksmith sometimes are able to get the cutting codes from the vehicle itself or sometimes have to buy the code from third parties to cut it.

Transponder keys (keys have chips inside and they need to be programmed to the vehicle’s computer)– these keys have to be cut and programmed in order to start the vehicle. Same here, sometimes locksmiths are able to get cutting and programming codes from the vehicle itself or they have to get it from third parties.

Vat(vehicle anti theft) system keys – These keys are equipped with the chip inside the blade itself and when it’s inserted in the ignition computer recognizes if the correct key is inserted and allows the driver to start the car. Pretty complicated system but when it was released in the 1980’s, it stopped thieves from stealing cars, and did its job but you will not find these car key systems in modern cars anymore.

Remote head transponder keys  – It’s similar to regular transponder keys but with addition of remote on top of it that also is programmed to the car.

Fob keys –  these type of keys has to be inserted into the ignition slot directly, they have to be programmed to the car, but there is also an emergency blade inserted into the key, so in case battery dies customer can open the doors manually, emergency key is also cut upon customer’s request

Push to start (proximity key fobs) – with these keys you can simply start the car by pressing the button with keys being inside or close by the car. These key fobs include emergency blades inserted for cases when battery drains to have an access to the vehicle, and they can be cut upon customer’s request.

Flip out keys – same as remote head keys with only the difference that key is used after pressing the button on the fob.

Twist ignition keys – these keys are similar to proximity fobs with the difference that you have to still turn the ignition knob to start the car, keep in mind that instead of regular ignition where you slide the key in, you have a knob that turns to start the car.