Locksmith Philadelphia-Uno Locksmith provides lock and key services in South Philadelphia and surrounding areas. We can handle any lock installation, repair, rekeying or making new keys. Our  locksmith team is known as one of the best in Philadelphia, as we offer competitive prices, friendly and fast service. So when you are looking for reliable service in South Philadelphia we are your number one choice!

Uno Locksmith based in Philadelphia offers a wide range of services:

Let’s learn more about each of them with some examples.

When you lose your car key, can’t open the car door, or the car lock is broken. You obviously need competent and professional skilled locksmith specialists with corresponding tools. Car key replacement is one of the most popular services anywhere in the world, including South Philadelphia.

Car/Truck (18-wheeler) lockout is one of the examples of our automotive locksmith services:

Sometimes customers have keys, doors are open, but they still don’t have access to the car or truck. Keep in mind some of the cars do not even have a lock on the trunk and some of the vehicles have batteries in the trunk. When the battery dies, and it’s in the trunk, customers start to worry, as they don’t know what’s the solution. We will give you a hint- every vehicle that has a battery in the trunk it also has ‘’battery plus contact’’ inside the hood so for emergencies you can jump start the car and keep driving. In case it still doesn’t work, call locksmith Philadelphia and we will solve your problem in no time.

Now, let’s take a look at house/residential/condo/apartment lockout example:

Locksmith Philadelphia can open most of the locks, close to 99% without any damage. We need to use a drilling machine to remove that last 1% to open the door.

There can be many types of locks on residential doors, here are some of them:

Deadbolt: They are pretty easy to open, but there are some smart key deadbolts that’s a bit hard to tackle with picking tools and we have to remove it from the door using a drilling machine.

Door knob: same applies to a door knob, usually it’s also a simple mechanism.

Most of the customers in South Philadelphia, or anywhere in Philadelphia have deadbolts and door knobs on both front and back doors.

Sometimes we see keypad locks on customers’ doors. Keypad locks have a combination code, some of them also have a keyway in addition. Keypads are powered with batteries and when the battery dies that’s when people get locked out, moreover if the lock does not have a keyway it means that lock needs to be destroyed in order to have them access inside the house.

The chances of other types of door locks will get damaged looks like this:

Keypad lock with keyway: (usually there is 50/50 chance to get it opened without damage)

Keypad lock without keyway: (it has to be destroyed to get inside, no way to pick it)

Jimmy proof locks (usually very hard to open but there is still some chance, if a good professional deals with it)

Screen door locks: (can be opened in 99% of cases)

Security door locks: (can be opened in 99% of cases)

Some of the popular lock manufacturer companies are:

  • Schlage
  • Kwikset
  • Anderson
  • Yale
  • Baldwin
  • August Home
  • Best Lock corporation