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What are the services that we provide in North Philadelphia?

Uno Locksmith based in Philadelphia offers a wide range of services:

Residential Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

Car/Auto Locksmith

Emergency Service;

Safe Locksmith.

One of the most popular services in your area is commercial lockout.

Commercial door locks look similar to residential door locks but in some cases they have more security in the mechanism which makes them more stable to picking and accessing without a key. Usually locksmiths are still able to pick 99% of them, meaning not causing it further damage.

Two of the most popular locks we encounter on commercial doors are:

Push bars: can be opened with ease.

Commercial lever locks: can be opened with ease.

We will give you one more example, such as motor home lockout.

Some people live in the motor homes in North Philadelphia and they get locked out of it sometimes. This is the expertise of our locksmith Philadelphia.

There are two different types of locks on motor houses: regular/standard residential lock, or vehicle locks. We can deal with any scenario, the chances are we will open it without any damage, in the worst case scenario, we might need to drill it out but install a new one, as it has never happened.

How about garage doors?

Many people have garages in North Philadelphia, that’s why we receive calls related to garage door lock repair.

Our customers might have three types of garage doors: roll-up garage door, regular garage door and the connecting door that leads from house to the garage. Locksmith Philadelphia is able to provide a lockout and lock replacement services for almost any type of locks.

Did you search ‘’locksmith near me’’ when you needed a storage unit lockout or padlock removal? Or you thought locksmiths usually handle residential, car, and commercial locks? There are 2 types of locks on storage facilities. In most cases locksmith drill or cut those locks and that’s how they give customers access to storages, later on the storage company is replacing the locks for them or customers deal with them themselves.

That’s why locksmith Philadelphia- Uno Locksmith offers bicycle lock services, such as lock opening and cutting. Our locksmiths either cut those locks or in some cases pick them open. If you don’t have a bicycle and drive the car, we are obviously specialists in car key replacement.