Uno Locksmith, located in Philadelphia, including Lower North Philadelphia, offers high quality security systems for residential and commercial properties, as well as automotive locksmith services. Locksmith Philadelphia can install, replace, or remove damaged keys and locks. If you searched ‘’locksmith near me’’ and you’ve landed on this page, you’re in good hands. We satisfy our customer needs with our wide range of services.

Uno Locksmith based in Philadelphia offers a wide range of services:

Residential Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

Car/Auto Locksmith

Emergency Service

Safe Locksmith

Car key replacement is one of the most common services we offer, followed by residential/commercial door lock change, rekey, installation and removal.

Lock Replacement Services in Lower NorthPhiladelphia

Residential, commercial and garage door lock services include: lock replacement, rekey, installation and removal services. There can be hundreds of reasons why someone might need to replace a lock, mostly it’s because the lock is not working properly, it’s jammed or it’s broken. In case someone you don’t wish to has the keys, you should consider replacing or rekeying a lock in order to protect your property.

Sometimes customers call and request the services for rekeying locks. Rekeying is the process of realigning pins inside the cylinder of the lock and matching it to new keys, so the old ones stop working. It’s the easiest and cheapest way compared to lock replacement service, but the only limitation is that there must be keys available for the current lock system. In case you’ve lost the key, then you need a lock replacement service. Sometimes customers request more security on the door or are just trying to add another lock on the door, in those cases we drill the holes on the door and install the locks, this is what we call a fresh installation. Many times there are locks that malfunction and customers request to remove them from the door, this service most of the times is quite easy to provide.

Car Key Replacement

As we’ve mentioned, customers often book a car key replacement service. Almost all of the cars have remote keys. We offer making and programming remote keys. There are remotes that are attached to the keys, which is called remote head key or you might also see remotes hanging on the key chain separately from the key.

Replacing and repairing ignition is also in our expertise. There can be multiple reasons why ignition can be damaged. Ignition is one of the most important parts of the car, you can’t start the car if it doesn’t work properly. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Key breaks into the ignition;
  • Customers insert the wrong keys, thus they get stuck;
  • The car is too old and its ignition got jammed;

In most of the cases locksmiths are able to repair the ignition but in the worst case scenario they can change it.

Safe lockout service in Lower North Philadelphia

There are many different sizes and types of safes, some of them are pretty small, mostly used for cash and jewelry, or bigger ones, good for heavier items. Some of them are mounted on the wall or into the floor. Some of the safes can have combinations and actual keyways while some of them can be accessed with combination only. The problem starts when people forget combination, lose keys or battery dies inside the safe. Although, we’re always here to help!

You may ask, why choose Uno Locksmith?

  • We offer flat, competitive rates
  • No hidden fees
  • Our specialists are professionals and licensed
  • You can get an estimated prices over phone
  • We provide services in Lower North Philadelphia and its surrounding areas
  • We have a fully equipped vehicle and tools to provide you with fast and accurate service
  • Our staff is very friendly and reliable