A lockout situation can happen anywhere and with anyone whether somebody is in office, home, or on the road. There are numerous reasons for you being locked out and one of them is forgetting the keys inside your place of work, home, or vehicle or just getting your keys broken or stuck in a lock. Getting locked out can be a very exasperating experience but if you are locked out and that too in an isolated area then it becomes treacherous too. You don’t have to bother a lot if you are a tourist as most crimes occur in isolated areas of the city. When you are locked out then obviously the first thing that you must do in The Greater Philadelphia Area is calling a locksmith and while you are waiting for him to arrive it is better to go to a safe place for waiting. But here are a few measures that you can take in order to avoid lockouts from the beginning-

Take Out Self-Locking Door Knobs

Self-locking doorknobs are fitted today in most homes as well as offices. As soon as the door is shut they lock automatically. This locking mechanism is undeniably very suitable and is designed for saving time. But sometimes it causes more trouble instead of helping. The best method of preventing lockouts is by replacing self-locking door knobs with deadbolts. Locksmith in the Greater Philadelphia Area can then configure the hardware of your door and makes it not possible to lock behind when you shut it.

Your locksmith can even assist you in installing an entrance door handle set on every outside door. If they are appropriately installed then you can access these deadbolts by using a key from outside and thus making them lockout-poof. If you are not keen to replace your self-locking doorknobs then the best alternative is to install door restrictors so that you can avoid doors from shutting behind you.

Maintaining your Door Locks

One of the most used elements of a house is locks, but unluckily, people don’t care about maintaining them so that they can work efficiently. Lots of people think that only locks can damage with time but this is not right. Keys are also subject to deterioration over time and that’s why it is very important to regularly check them and sort out the problem on time.

Avoid scratching- Door locks get scratched around the keyholes and faceplates with normal use. There is no way of avoiding this but whenever you put your key into the lock you can be cautious.

Clean regularly- When handles, deadbolts, and locks are regularly used then it becomes impossible for oils, grime, and dirt to build upon them. If you want to avoid this then the best alternative is to clean the affected areas by wiping them with little soap and water and then drying that with a soft piece of cloth.

Prevent door mechanisms from sticking- Sometimes door locks can freeze up because of regular use and accumulation of dirt. Many people use products infused with Teflon but it is better to avoid them.

You can do a lot of things in order to keep up your locks. The best choice is to hire an expert locksmith for getting the job done perfectly the first time as well as make certain about the durability of the locks.

Easy ways to Prevent Lockouts

Have spare keys- The preeminent way of preventing lockout situations is by keeping extra keys handy. There are a lot of ways including, keeping an extra key in your wallet. There is no require making several keys but it is a good idea to leave at least one spare key with a trustable person such as your neighbor, friend, or a family member.

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